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Thank you for looking at my work. I am a creative portrait/environmental photographer serving the immediate North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia areas and I am available worldwide! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a project, large or small, for which you think I would be a good fit. Or if you just want a photo of our mascot, Mr. King the Rooster.


I was born in North Carolina and grew up next to the sea. The eldest of 2 children, I displayed no interest in becoming a fisherman, and after high school I decided to travel the country, not with an amazing circus, but as a professional wrestler. I would go on to battle bloody matches under such monikers as “Shane Violence” and “Crumb the Bum.” During my wrestling career I would survive being thrown off of four buildings.

It was while residing in a notorious professional wrestling training center in the late 1990’s that I first picked up a camera and started taking portraits of friends. Following a particularly spectacular injury during a match that earned myself national recognition as “King of the Ladder Match,” I returned to the southern states, and went to college.

The local college had a darkroom which was not well ventilated. The fumes, together with the Verve, Bush, and NOFX, were intoxicating. I’m sure it didn’t help to keep rinsing the artifacts from my developing prints while gloveless, unhindered within the phenidone & sodium carbonate of the D76 while the fix swirled the silver halides around my palms. It's no wonder I spent most of my party years there.

I formerly used photography to wrestle with the strangeness and impossibility of the world that surrounded me, all of that strangeness may have just been me all along. Now I strive to create pictures that are meaningful and immersive. Plates that capture a single moment within a broader narrative and tease out the unique within the common place.

There is a moment slightly after you have met someone for the first time where there is a disconnection between perception and comprehension of who that person is. Going forward I hope to explore this more within my work.

…past the memories of pain and defeat and unhappiness, when you take it away, do it slowly and easily…
— Charles Bukowski

As for my 25 year relationship with photography, after a short stint away, I realized its something that I cannot live without. I try to balance commercial assignments, personal work, and volunteer work. I have begrudgingly lived through the transition from film to digital.

I love to shoot bands, and portraits of people who have never been in magazines. I am also comfortable shooting celebrities as well as working with Non-Profits because I love helping people. On that note, I have also started an Agricultural Animal Rescue Sanctuary on a farm I have recently purchased.

My work has been featured in several national exhibitions through the Texas Photographic Society as well as the North Carolina Photographers Annual Exhibition. My goals this year include gaining more national clients, shoot several celebrities, and continue to grow our Animal Sanctuary.

On the rare occasion I am not shooting I enjoy cooking, and writing novels no one will ever read.

I also now look forward to fishing being the ideal life.




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The Human Process Vol I. Wicked Machine. Raleigh, 2009
The Human Process Vol II. Wicked Machine. Raleigh, 2009
Reverie Recovery. Wicked Machine. Raleigh, 2010
The Penguin & The Coroner. Fiber & Sons. Raleigh, 2011

Driven Creativity Competition 2012
24th NC Photographers Annual Exhibition 2004

This Was Uncalled For | Walls Gallery | Norfolk, VA 2009
The Blood | Slims | Raleigh, NC 2009
A Slow & Peaceful Death | Starlite Gallery | Virginia Beach, VA 2008
The Vineyard | Raleigh, NC

Litmus Gallery | Exposed | Raleigh, NC 2010
Selden Art Gallery | Norfolk, VA 2004
Meredith College NC

The Texas Photographic Society

If you’re putting on an event and need a speaker for photography, Photoshop, design, or audio production, feel free to send me an email and we can talk about finding a way to work together.

Feel free to use the contact form in the sidebar to let me know what you’re looking for and how I can fill a void for you and I’ll come out and rock the house!